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Delivery Services


Luvbrite Delivery (Agave)

Luvbrite Delivery (Sugar)

Retail Sites

Nor Cal 

Bay Area

  1. 7 Stars​ (Richmond)

  2. Barbary Coast (San Francisco)

  3. Berkeley Patients Care Collective (Berkeley)

  4. Blunts + Moore (Oakland)

  5. Foggy Daze (Oakland / SF)

  6. CBC (Berkeley)

  7. Cali Care Collective (Oakland)

  8. Green Remedy (Richmond)

  9. Green Line Delivery (Oakland)

  10. Grass Roots Collective (SF)

  11. Holistic Healing Collective (Richmond)

  12. Ketama, (SF)

  13. Phytologie (Oakland)

  14. Quorum Green Industries (Oakland)

  15. Sparc Mission St. (SF)

  16. Greenleef (Oakland)

  17. US Bloom (Vallejo)

  18. Better Health Group (Vallejo)

South Bay Area

  1. Canna Culture (San Jose)

  2. Harborside (San Jose)

  3. Herbs (San Jose)

  4. The Guild (San Jose)

  5. Herbal Cruz (Santa Cruz)

  6. Treehouse (Santa Cruz)

  7. Capitola Healing Association Inc. (Santa Cruz)

  8. CHAI Cannabis (Castroville)

  9. Kind Peoples Collective (Santa Cruz)

  10. White Fire (San Jose)

North Bay Area

  1. Alternatives Collective (Santa Rosa)

  2. Kind House (Santa Rosa)

  3. Mercy Wellness (Cotati)

  4. Redwood Herbal Alliance (Santa Rosa)

  5. SPARC (Santa Rosa)

  6. Triple C Collective (Clearlake)

  7. Herban Legends (Fort Bragg)

  8. Harvest (Napa)

North State

  1. Sundialed / Honeydew Solutions Corp. (Ukiah)

  2. Revolution Emporium (Ukiah)

  3. JSCA, Inc.  (Mt. Shasta City)

  4. Sundial Collective (Redding)

Sacramento Area (includes Delta Region)

  1. 1841 El Camino / Horizon Collective (Sac)

  2. 515 Broadway (Sac)

  3. BSeen, LLC (Sac)

  4. The Helios Company (Sac)

  5. I Heart Canna (Sac)

  6. JWC Deliveries (recreational) (Sac)

  7. Mountain High Recreation (Sac)

  8. PDEE, Inc.: All About Wellness (Sac)

  9. Sacramento Confidential Delivery (Sac)

  10. Silverstreak Solutions (Sac)

  11. Nug (Sac)

  12. Davis Cannabis Collective (Davis)

  13. Dixon Wellness (Dixon) 

  14. Elevation 2477 (Nevada City)

  15. Foothill Health and Wellness (Shingle Springs)

  16. Canna Corn Collective (Modesto)

  17. Jayden's Journey (Modesto)

  18. NRC, Natural Holistic Center (Modesto)

  19. Pacafi Cooperative (Modesto)

  20. Zen Garden (Stockton)

  21. Green Gold Cultivators (San Andreas)

  22. MMCA (Cameron Park)

  23. Port City Alternative (Stockton)

  24. Pure Life Collective (Diamond Springs)

  25. The People Remedy (Patterson)

  26. Medallion (Modesto)

  27. Green Solutions (Mid-town Sacramento)


Los Angeles Area

  1. Apothecary 420 (Sherman Oaks)

  2. Buddha Company (LA)

  3. Cloud 8th, DTLA (LA)

  4. Erba Collective (LA)

  5. Project Cannabis -Gourmet Green Room (LA)

  6. Luvbrite Delivery (LA)

  7. Natural Remedies Caregivers (LA)

  8. Purple Heart Compassionate - Project Cannabis (LA) 

  9. Spliffin Group (LA)

  10. The Pottery (LA)

  11. Westwood Farmacy (LA)

  12. California's Finest Compassionate Cooperative (Canoga Park)

  13. Fountain of Well Being (North Hollywood)

  14. Project Cannabis (North Hollywood)

  15. Greenhouse Herbal Center (Hollywood)

  16. Strain Balboa (Chatsworth)

  17. Kushism (Van Nuys)

  18. Valley Herbal Center (Van Nuys)

  19. Leaf and Lion (Long Beach)

  20. Case Farms Collective (Long Beach)

  21. Long Beach Green Room (Long Beach)

  22. One Love Beach Club (Long Beach)

  23. The Lift (Long Beach)

  24. Mr. Nice Guy (Santa Ana)

  25. Rose Collective (Venice)

  26. South Coast Safe Access-SCSA (Santa Ana)

  27. The WEED (Studio City)

  28. MCEC (Delivery throughout SoCal)

  29. Cookies LA (Maywood)

Oxnard to Santa Barbara

  1. Emerald Perspective (Port Hueneme)


  1. Bakersfield Alternative Health Center 

San Bernadino / Mammoth Area

  1. Captain Jacks (San Bernadino)

  2. Green Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes)

  3. MCEC Delivery (Hesperia)

Perris, CA

  1. Westside Collective

  2. Empire Gardens

  3. Green America

Palm Springs Area

  1. Green Cross Pharma (Cathedral City)

  2. Cathedral City Care Collective (Cathedral City)

  3. OG Collective (Cathedral City)

  4. Iguana Collective (Cathedral City)

  5. Palm Royale Collective (Palm Dessert)

  6. Bare Dispensary (Palm Springs)

  7. Leef Industries (Cathedral City)

  8. The Vault Lounge (Cathedral City)

San Diego Area

  1. Mankind Dispensary (San Diego)

  2. THCSD (San Diego)

  3. Urban Leaf Bay Park - ULBP (San Diego)

  4. SDRC - San Diego Recreational Cannabis (San Diego)

  5. The Grove La Mesa (San Diego - La Mesa)