All of our products are proudly made with certified organic practices sourced directly from sustainable organic sugar and agave farmers.

 Shoogies are the go-anywhere, use-anywhere cannabis products you've always wanted. 

Change the way you cocktail, bake, eat, and drink - with the peace of mind you are ingesting only the purest ingredients. 

Discover our THC infused products

Powdered Agave

Balanced and mellow,  500mg and 1000 mg

Nano-infused, water soluble, concentrate

 Heavy-hitter sweetener to use in hot and cold drinks, edibles, or just for fun! 

Available in:

3oz bottles


6oz bottles

1000 Front_edited.png
500 Front_edited.png


4oz Jar infused with  100mg nano-infused THC

Great for sweetening your tea, coffee, or anything

Dosing spoon included for precise measurements,

5mg per scoop

Available in:

4oz Jars

Stevia Front_edited.png