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Discover our THC infused products

Powdered Agave


Balanced and mellow,  500mg and 1000 mg

Nano-infused, water soluble, concentrate

 Agave powder booster / enhancer

for use in

hot and cold drinks, edibles,

baking, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Subtle, natural flavor 

with a hint of sweetness

Available in:

3oz bottles


6oz bottles

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My project.png

How to use Shoogies

1/4 Teaspoon Equals 5mg THC

 All of our products are proudly made with certified organic products, sourced directly from sustainable organic agave farmers.

 Shoogies is the go-anywhere, use-anywhere, on ANYTHING cannabis product you've always wanted. 

Change the way you cocktail, bake, eat, and drink - with the peace of mind you are ingesting only the purest ingredients. 

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